These 9 Moments Of BTS’s J-Hope Playfully Teasing Jimin Just Prove How Close These Two Really Are

Sometimes, the best way to show you love someone is to tease them endlessly.

BTS‘s J-Hope loves the group’s precious little mochi, and it shows in the way he teases him from time to time just to get a cute reaction out of him.

You can see just how close J-Hope and Jimin are by looking at the way they tease and playfully bully each other — with J-Hope doing most of the teasing and Jimin being responsible for pouting cutely at his hyung.

Here are nine cute moments of J-Hope showing how close he is to Jimin by teasing him until he can’t take it no more:

1. Why won’t you listen, hyung?

J-Hope asks Jimin where his wallet is. And Jimin answers him every time…

…until he finally exploded, because apparently Hoseok has asked him multiple times already!

2. We all knew this would happen

Falling for the oldest trick in the book, Jimin mistakenly tells J-Hope where his ticklish spot is…

…and suffers a tickle attack instigated by his own words.

3. Introduce yourself

The duo is seen filming a video together, perhaps a nod to their song “Dope”‘s introduction, but J-Hope drops the ball on Jimin at the last minute.

Jimin could only laugh sheepishly in response.

4. Being cute 24/7

When you’re as adorable as Jimin is, you need to know that being cute is a full-time job: you may be the target of a teasing attack, so you better run to the bathroom when you need to.

Yes, J-Hope, why are you following Jimin when he’s trying to heed the call of mother nature?

5. Good old-fashioned imitation

Imitation is a form of flattery…right?

6. The sign says no, but Jimin says yes

J-Hope doesn’t let the existence of a mere sign disrupt him from touching Jimin.

7. Must. Touch. Mochi

Jimin’s face isn’t the only thing that Hoseok loves to play with…

…his chin is a favorite target, too.

8. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The best way to attack someone is when they’re fully defenseless, after all.

9. Learn the art of war from Jimin

One of the greatest tricks in the book is to divert the attention of your enemy…

…by tricking your closest friend and letting them be the target, instead.

The relationship between J-Hope and Jimin is a strong brotherly bond: J-Hope may love to tease and lovingly bully Jimin from time to time, but he’s sure that when he needs a friend, Jimin is right there beside him.