9 Moments When K-Pop Managers Were Aggressive Towards Fans

Just trying to do their job, or is this too far?

The managers of K-Pop idols have quite a tough job, especially when it comes to protecting their respective idols from fans. Some fans can be too much, as some fans don’t respect the personal space of idols. This has caused some managers to get aggressive towards fans, as they can sometimes even physically hurt fans. Here are 9 moments when K-Pop managers were quite aggressive towards the fans.

1. CNBLUE’s manager

The manager thought that the fans were too close to the members, so he decided to violently hit them away.

2. EXO’s manager

A fan was getting too close to the members, so the manager decided to smack her out of the way.

3. SHINee’s manager

SHINee‘s manager thought a fan was getting to close to the members, so he violently pushed her away.

4. Red Velvet’s manager

Despite the calm environment around Red Velvet, the manager seemed quite angry at the fans. The fans were cursed and yelled at for their behavior, despite the fans being quite respectful.

5. EXO’s manager

A fan was trying to give a letter to the group, but the manager smacked her letter away.

6. WANNA ONE’s manager

WANNA ONE‘s manager thought some of the fans were too close, so he decided to push them out of the way.

7. Girls’ Generation’s manager

A fan was attempting to take a close up photo of the members, so the manager threw their phone to the ground.

8. EXO’s manager

Some fans got in the way of the members, so EXO‘s manager decided to hit their heads to get them to move.

9. WANNA ONE’s manager

The manager deemed the fans too close, so he decided to push them all away.