6 Must-See Moments From WayV YangYang’s Live Celebrating 5 Million Instagram Followers

Louis, Leon, and Bella made an appearance!

WayV‘s YangYang recently reached 5 million followers on Instagram, and he celebrated by going live on the social media platform.

Here’s a list of 6 highlights from YangYang’s live!

1. When he asked Ten to stop watching

YangYang got shy when he noticed a comment from fellow WayV member, Ten.

YangYang during his recent Instagram live | Red VelBaek/YouTube

After waving hello to Ten, YangYang said he felt more awkward knowing Ten was watching. Then, he jokingly told Ten, “Yo, we live together! Now, even you’re not here, you’re always still watching me.”

2. When he showed Ten’s cats, Leon and Louis

YangYang asked Ten if he wanted to see his cats, Leon and Louis. Then, he flipped the camera and showed the cats adorably sleeping together!

3. When he tried to make Louis say hi to Ten

YangYang turned the camera to Louis and asked him to say hi to his dad (Ten), but Louis preferred to look out the window.

“Yeah, he doesn’t give a thing about you right now,” YangYang told Ten.

4. When Ten made a quick appearance

After interacting through comments, Ten finally joined the live!

He teased YangYang by mimicking his intro to the live and said “sorry guys, I haven’t done a live for a long time,” which made YangYang’s shy side come out again.

5. When Xiaojun showed off his Bella shirt

When Lucas and Xiaojun first joined the live, only their foreheads were exposed. However, fans got to see Xiaojun rocking a shirt featuring Bella, WayV’s dog, once they moved the camera down.

Clearly, WayV is full of proud pet parents!

6. When Louis, Leon, and Bella took over the live

YangYang, Lucas, and Xiaojun gave their pets time to shine and turned the cameras on them!

Louis stared blankly into YangYang’s camera, and Bella sniffed Lucas and Xiaojun’s camera. The adorable cats and dog earned laughs from the WayV members and from viewers, too!



Source: Instagram and YouTube