9 Non-Korean YouTubers Who Are Making it Big in Korea

Are you following these YouTubers?

1. Dave (The World of Dave)

Dave hails from the U.S. and makes great videos about his life and the people he meets in Korea.

He’s been on YouTube for almost a decade, and has even interviewed Ma Dong Seok and Kihong Lee on his channel.


2. Megan Bowen (Chonunmigooksaram)

Megan has also been on YouTube for a long time, since 2010.


She does videos on Korean cafes, FAQ vids on life in Korea, and interviews Koreans on questions her subscribers have as well.


She also appeared on the KBS show Battle Likes, showing her favourite spots in Korea.


3. Josh (Korean Englishman)

Josh, hailing from England, has been on YouTube. He also shares the channel with his friend Ollie and make videos connecting Korean and English culture.

He has many series about showing English people what life is like in Korea.


He now gets the opportunity to show international celebrities an authentic taste of Korea for the first time, like the cast of Avengers!


4. Whitney (WhitneyBae)

With over 500,000 subscribers and over 100 million views — Whitney is making it big on YouTube wit her fun videos about her life in South Korea as well.


She talks about learning Korean, trying interesting Korean things, and other experiences in Korea. Whitney has appeared many times on Korean television as well.


Most recently revealed that she filmed a show with her role models comediennes Shin Bora and Kim Jimin!



JRE is probably the most popular YouTuber who does K-Pop MV reactions, boasting over 1.7 million subscribers.

He also does vlogs, challenges, gaming videos, and more.


During his first trip to Korea, he linked up with Day6, Christian Yu, and rapper Microdot as well. Even Taeyang said he’s seen JRE’s videos.


6. Nathalie (Yo Home Girl)

If you’re looking for a groovy K-fashion inspired YouTuber, Nathalie is your girl. (Yo Home Girl to be exact.)

She gets to hang out with Korean models and see the behind-the-scenes of Seoul Fashion week as well.


She was one of the YouTubers invited to the Pyeongchang Cultural Olympiad to experience Korean culture, appearing on Arirang TV as well.


7. Edward Avila

Edward is one of the most popular K-Beauty YouTubers, with over 1 million subscribers and 100 million views.


He not only talks K-Beauty but also is a dedicated Monbebe and has even dipped into the music scene as well!


8. Sarah & Kyuho (2hearts1seoul)

This adorable Canadian/Korean married couple posts about life together in Seoul.

They also talk about travel and yummy food spots as well.

Sarah and Kyuho have also been on Battle Likes, showing the slow side of Seoul.


9. Xander & Haeppy (We Fancy)

Formerly known as Haeppy & Bapmokja these two guys make incredibly popular videos about Korean food and lifestyle.


Xander hails from England and Haeppy is Hong Kong-Canadian — and the two have also been invited to talk on TV about their adventures as well.