9 Of Sandara Park’s Most Earth-Shattering Hairstyles

Sandara Park and her exotic, unconventional hairstyles. You can’t be a fan of 2NE1 without at some point falling in love with Dara’s  approach stylin. We bring you 10 signature hairstyles of this diva that you might even try out.

1. The Leaning Tower of Dara

Some fans think this hairstyle resembles a caterpillar, but we think it looks more like the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy.

2. Purple LoveShe dyed her hair in a very vibrant purple and shaved off one side. WHOA.

3. The GimbabGimbab is a common sushi-roll-looking snack in Korea and it pretty much looks like Sandara’s hair here. 

4. Scalp WhirlpoolThe weaving that has been done to the top of her head resembles a whirlpool… or a galaxy. Captivating. 

5. The Snake BangsHer bangs appears to be coming alive and wriggling down the side of her face. But is it beautiful? Yes. 

6. Short Comb-Over

This retro look was right from the ’80s!

7. Troll DollEveryone remembers the troll dolls they used to play with as kids. 

8. The Ultimate FrizzballIn this look she almost looks like a witch! (The most stunning witch you’ve ever seen)

9. The ajumma hairThis ajumma is looking unbelievably youthful!