9 Personal Things Most People Don’t Know About G-Dragon

Most people have no idea.

G-Dragon has a gift that’s been with him since birth. He has been one of the most influential and key idols of K-Pop since the very beginning! Here are some interesting facts about him that may just surprise you!


1. He released his first album at 5 years old.

G-Dragon was part of the group Little Lula which debuted a Christmas album in 1993, but his contract was terminated soon after.


2. His first started working in the entertainment industry on a kid’s television show!

G-Dragon appeared on the children’s TV program Bbo Bbo Bbo in 1992! Wasn’t he just the cutest?


3. His first CD was a Wu-Tang Clan album.

The first album he owned was “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)” which introduced him to rap, and GD became hooked.


4. He trained with SM Entertainment first.

Before he signed with YG Entertainment, Kwon Jiyong was working with SM Entertainment for 5 years.


5. He became G-Dragon in 2006.

After being scouted by YG Entertainment, BIGBANG and their leader, G-Dragon, were born.


6. The name “G-Dragon” has a two-part history.

First, his real name Jiyong – G “지” [Ji] and “용” [Yong], means “Dragon” in Korean. Secondly, according to the Chinese Calendar, he was also born in the year of the dragon.


7. He started rapping at 13!

In his third grade, he began taking rapping classes because of the Wu-Tang Clan. He then released the “FLEX” album in 2001 with the group People’s Crew.


8. G-Dragon started performing at age 7.

At age 7, he was part of Little Roora and he already had some amazing dance moves!


9. Artists he was inspired by include:

GD idolizes Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Blackstreet, JO, Pharrell, Maroon 5, Mondo Grosso, and 015B.