9 Of The Pettiest Reasons Redditors Have Dropped A K-Drama

Sometimes you just need to drop a series for pretty much no reason.

Sometimes, there’s just a tiny detail that we absolutely cannot stand in a K-Drama. It might seem like nothing to most, but it’s a valid reason to throw the entire show away to others. These are 9 of the smallest, pettiest reasons Redditors have dropped a K-Drama!

1. Screaming/Crying Too Much

K-Dramas are, well, dramatic. However, sometimes it can be a bit too much, especially when you have someone crying or shrieking every other episode.

From The Penthouse

Fan examples: Reply 1988, The Penthouse, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Imitation, True Beauty, and Kill Me, Heal Me.

2. Actor/Actress Played A Terrible/Mean Character In A Different Show

Actors and actresses often play an enormous variety of characters, be it a malicious lawyer to a kind, innocent student to a stubborn mythical being. However, sometimes, you can’t help but hate a character, and often, it makes it difficult to ever see that actor or actress again. They were a bully in one series and are supposed to be kind and loving in this one?

Lee Min Ho in Boys Over Flowers | KBS

Fan examples: Nam Joo Hyuk in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo versus Start-Up, Jo Jung Suk in Hospital Playlist versus Jealousy Incarnate, and Lee Min Ho in The King: Eternal Monarch versus Boys Over Flowers.

3. It’s Dubbed

While not a common issue in the K-Drama world, it definitely can be an issue for some. You’ll find this issue more in C-Dramas, but regardless, it can be difficult to see the person’s mouth move in a completely different way than the audio. Some just want to stick with subtitles!

From Harry Potter | GIPHY

4. Bad Hairstyles/Wigs

There’s almost nothing more distracting than a horrible hairstyle, especially when it’s the main character. Some fans just can’t put up with it for 16 or more episodes.

From Chicago Typewriter

Fan examples: Park Sae Ro Yi in Itaewon Class, Seo Gong Myung in Into the RingHwarangBoys Over Flowers, and Han Se Joo in Chicago Typewriter.

5. Age Gap

Sometimes the age gap is pretty unnoticeable, like perhaps 2 or 3 years. However, sometimes the age gap is way too noticeable, be it the actors or the characters. It just makes some people uncomfortable.

From Goblin

Fan examples: Goblin, Something in the Rain, Reply 1997DoctorsI Can Hear Your VoiceMr. SunshineMy Mister, and A Witch’s Love.

6. Dislike an Actor/Actress

We all have our likes and dislikes. Sometimes, there just happens to be that one actor or actress that you can. not. stand.

Go Ara | @ara_go_0211/Instagram

Fan examples: Go AraHwang Jung Eum, Goo Hye Sun, Lee Jung Suk, and Jang Geun Suk.

7. Character Has The Same Job

K-Dramas are often a form of escapism; we don’t want to be reminded of our jobs! We could end up overanalyzing what they’re doing.

From Descendants of the Sun | KBS

Fan examples: Descendants of the Sun (Medical), Coffee Prince (Barista/Food), Personal Taste (Furniture/Architecture), Your House Helper (Cleaning), and Misaeng (Office).

8. Character’s Outfits

Along the same line as bad hair, sometimes ugly outfits can be too distracting to watch!

From Bel Ami | KBS2

Fan examples: 1% of Something, Lucky Romance, Color of Woman, Secret Garden, Bel Ami, and Full House.

9. Literally Just Woke Up and Didn’t Feel Like It

Even if you were just binging the series yesterday, occasionally, you will wake up one day and just not feel like continuing it!

From Goblin | tvN

Fan examples: My Father is Strange, Suspicious Partner, My Holo Love, The Heirs, and Big.

Source: Reddit