9 Popular Restaurants & Cafes In Seoul Owned by K-Pop Idols

Make sure to visit these fan-favorites during your next Seoul trip!

These cafes and restaurants are as unique and stylish as the artists who own them. Every K-Pop fan should definitely add these locations to their Seoul sight-seeing list!


1. EXO’s Chanyeol – Viva Polo

Chanyeol’s Italian restaurant, Viva Polo, has branches all over Seoul, but rumor has it that Chanyeol is most likely to be spotted at the Gangdongu branch at Myeong-dong.


The interior is covered with photos of Chanyeol, along with fanart and autographs from EXO members themselves!


The menu offers Italian favorites like pizza, risotto, pasta, and much more!


2.  EXO’s Kai – KAMONG

Kai proved just what an awesome brother he is when he set up this cafe for his sister. The name KAMONG is a portmanteau of “Kai” and “Monggu”, his dog.


This simple, modern cafe is located near Gangnam Station and features three glass walls that let visitors look out onto the streets while enjoying their coffees.


KAMONG’s menu includes coffee smoothies, ade, tea, bingsu, and waffles. It also sells mugs, tumblers, and handmade cookies.


3. Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Sungmin, Kyuhyun  – Kona Beans

Kona Beans is a Hawaiian-themed cafe currently run by Leeteuk’s mother. Previously, Kyuhyun and Sungmin’s mothers were also involved in running it.


This cozy cafe has a number of cushioned chairs and benches to help guests feel as relaxed as possible.


The cafe is also bursting with Super Junior memorabilia. It’s every ELF’s dream!


Its coffee is brewed from kona beans (hence the name) and its teas come in a variety of flavors, such as peppermint and jasmine.


4. 2AM’s Seulong – Nerd On Earth

Soon after its opening, Nerd on Earth became one of the most popular bars in Itaewon. The bar allows guests to bring in their pets. Why? Because Seulong loves dogs!


The interior is dark and mystical, lit by dim red and blue lights. The rooftop terrace offers a gorgeous view of Itaewon.


Nerd On Earth’s menu includes food like the “Nerd Wrap” (argula leaves, dried tomato, and ricotta cheese), “Beef Brisket Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup”, and…


…colorful alcoholic beverages.


5. INFINITE’s Dongwoo – Inchang Octopus


Inchang Octopus is located in Guri, which is slightly outside of Seoul. The restaurant is covered with Dongwoo photos, autographs, and gifts from fans.


Dongwoo’s father has been known to personally welcome and serve guests meals from the menu like pork belly and, of course, octopus!


6.  Block B’s ZICO – Yogorino


ZICO’s Yogorino is an ice cream shop located in the heart of Hongdae. Visiters will find it among various boutiques and small restaurants.


The sunny interior makes guests feel like it’s a warm, sunny day, no matter what time of year it is.


The menu includes a variety of yummy frozen yogurts and ice creams, along with both hot and cold beverages, like Americanos and sparkling juice.


7. JYJ’s Jaejoong  – Cafe J Holic

Jaejoong’s Cafe J Holic opened its doors in 2013 and has been loved by his fans ever since. It is located in the MAG N MAG building in Gangnam, Seoul.


Here, visitors can find Jaejoong souvenirs for sale, like tumblers and diaries…


…and its menu offers everything you’d expect to find at a cafe!


8. Jay Park – Cafe Dudart

Jay Park’s Cafe Dudart has the singer-rapper’s style written all over it. Located in Apgujeong’s Rodeo Street area, this trendy cafe is a tribute to AOMG that will be loved by K-Pop and hip-hop fans alike.


Limited-edition collectibles produced by AOMG are available for purchase…


… along with foods and beverages, like specialty coffees and baked goods.


9. 2AM’s Jo Kwon  – Midnight In Seoul

Jo Kwon’s cereal cafe is as funky and stylish as Jo Kwon himself!


The cafe, located in Gangnam, is decorated with bright pink walls and a rainbow of cereal boxes.


Its menu includes over 40 different types of cereals with every topping you could hope for, such as nuts, fruits, and marshmallows.