9 Fan Reactions That Prove GOT7 Jackson Wang’s New Song Is His Most Heartbreaking One Yet

This song just hits different.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang has released his self-titled song “王嘉尔 JACKSON WANG,” and fans are not doing okay. Jackson stated that this his most personal song yet, which is why it probably feels so much more emotional.

He shared on his Instagram that he wanted to do something that was raw and unfiltered, and 100 percent him. Now he has achieved that with this new song, and the results are…mostly a lot of tears being shed. Fans can’t help feeling sad over Jackson’s difficult experiences, but also incredibly proud of him for having grown so much, as well as for being such a genuine and humble person! Here is what Ahgases had to say about the song.

1. Who cried?

2. It just hits different

3. GOT7 making January an emotional month

4. Jackson getting too real with the things we keep to ourselves


6. Thank you to that lady for her kindness

7. Proud of him for coming so far!

8. So true

9. This really was the most touching thing ever