9 Relatable Photos That Reveal Exactly How Much Amber Loves Her Boba

Go on, put Amber’s perfect boba recipe on your bucket list.

In her latest interview from BuzzFeed‘s 30 Questions In 3 Minutes, Amber Liu was asked what the perfect boba order is.

boba is essentially what you call “bubble tea”, a drink made out of tea, sugar, milk and toppings like chewy black tapioca “pearls”, popping “pearls”, fruit jelly and pudding, among others.

And without missing a beat, Amber laid out the full details of her personalized recipe:

Only a true boba expert would memorize and successfully enumerate the details in a lightning-fast interview like this!

Not yet convinced that Amber has already mastered the boba game? Here are nine relatable moments that perfectly encapsulate this idol’s feelings about her favorite drink:

1. Her perfect treat after a tiring work-out session

2. She loves it so much, she can drink it with her eyes closed


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Drunk on dat boba. 버블티에 취함.

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3. But first, boba

4. Talking about boba, even when the topic’s unrelated


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See you in your dreams. We bring boba and gummy worms.

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5. When it’s one of the requirements to see her

6. Cash is nice, but boba is better

7. Drunk on a different kind of drink

8. Her travel tip to anyone visiting Taiwan

9. The perfect person to deliver boba when you’re craving