9 Simple Ways To Dress Like BTS Without Going Completely Broke

Follow this guide and you can dress like BTS without breaking the bank.

If you’ve ever wanted to dress like BTS but don’t have the funds to wear Gucci from head to toe, this list is for you.

All of these items can be found at your local affordable retail stores!


1. Oversized T-Shirts

BTS members favour oversized t-shirts for their street wear. 

Wear it tucked in with ripped jeans and your favourite pair of boots or hi-tops. 

In the summer, you could pair it with shorts that fall just above your knee and your sandal of choice.


2. Leather Jacket

Another staple in BTS’s closet is a leather jacket, which makes any simple outfit just a little bit edgier and sexier.

Members like Suga choose to match the jacket with all black outfits.

You can also use the jacket to bring a pop of colour to your look as well.


3. Wide Pants

Fashion forward members like V and RM, favour wide-legged pants. 

Grab your new oversized t-shirt and tuck it into your V-inspired black culottes.

You can also match wide jeans with thick sweaters, like RM.


4. Oversized Hoodies & Cardigans

BTS members love to wear huge sweaters and cardigans to stay comfy and fashionable.

Match them with leggings or skinny jeans like Jin!

You could also grab your BTS-inspired wide-leg pants for a super comfy look.


5. Beanies

The boys of BTS love to wear beanies when they are out and about!

Pick up a classic tight black beanie like Jungkook.

This huge, fluffy one that Suga sports often is really cute as well! 


6. Button-Up Shirts

BTS style their button-up shirts in a lot of different ways.

Sometimes they tuck them in to put emphasis on their fit figures.

Like RM, you could use a looser button up shirt to layer up! 

Make a plain white button-up more interesting with a bright tie and coloured lenses like V.


7. Oxford Shoes

Every member of BTS has a pair of these simple shoes, as they add an air of class to any outfit.

These shoes could go with the classic combination of dress pants and a dress shirt.

They also work with a classic pair of skinny jeans, ball cap, and a casual long sleeve shirt!


8. Bomber Jacket

Another tip to be as stylish as BTS is to throw on a unique bomber jacket.

Several members of BTS have sported oversized bomber jackets like this one!

Keep an eye out for jackets with intricate details or patterns, like this one J-Hope wore.


9. Long Coats

Get a long coat like BTS for maximum comfort and style.

Note how RM matched his long jacket with the wide-legged pants he’s known for.

Jungkook also wore a waterproof jacket rather than a wool one to complete this streetwear look.