Here Are 9 Struggles Of Being An International K-Drama Fan

How many of these do you relate to?

All types of fans go through struggles, but international fans seem to run into more problems than domestic ones. International K-Drama fans are no different, as they have to experience many struggles, such as these 9.

1. Waiting for subtitles

2. Avoiding spoilers while waiting for subtitles

Some K-Drama fans may have to delay watching the latest episode of a K-Drama due to waiting for subtitles. Going on social media during this time can be dangerous as there could be potential spoilers.

3. Time zone differences

Some K-Drama fans may be so committed that they want to watch new episodes as soon as they air. This can be a struggle if they live in a time zone completely different from South Korea’s.

4. Certain K-Dramas not being available in your country

5. Being the odd one in the group

Some K-Drama fans have to deal with getting judged by people around them.

6. Internet connection

7. Only online people to gossip with

One of the best parts of K-Dramas is being able to gossip about the episodes with people. Some international fans get judged for watching K-Dramas by the people around them, so they only get to gossip with online people.

8. Focusing on both the subtitles and action

9. Not being able to obtain some of the food seen

Something that’s constantly shown on K-Dramas is delicious Korean food. This could cause some cravings for the viewers. However, some international fans may not be able to conquer these cravings, as these foods might not be available to them.