9 Fun Things You Missed In SEVENTEEN’s “Don’t Lie” Series

WARNING: There are spoilers.

SEVENTEEN releases episodes of GOING SEVENTEEN, their mini show series, every Monday night where they do various and unique things from playing games on the playground, going to the farm to feed cows and make ice cream, all the way to camping out together.

They recently released a two-part series, subtitled as, Don’t Lie, where they played the mafia game with a twist wherein there was actual money hidden by the three mafias around the area, and the citizens had to find the money in order to win against the mafias.

It was a fun series to watch, and here are things you missed that will make you want to watch the whole thing!

1. S.Coups’ appearance

SEVENTEEN group leader S.Coups has been on hiatus since November of 2019 and he hasn’t appeared on the recent episodes of GOING SEVENTEEN, or anywhere really, since then. Since the Don’t Lie series was filmed before S.Coups went on his hiatus, he appeared in both episodes and CARATs were really excited to see him present and active during the game.

2. Hoshi’s full blooded Gemini in action

As you may or may not have known, Hoshi, SEVENTEEN’s Performance Unit Leader, is a full blooded Gemini. Nothing else, just pure Gemini. And although it’s already evident among fans how he is a Gemini, it was further proven to be real in this series. As he defended and outed himself as mafia, to passing on the blame to Mingyu, to boasting his identity, hi Gemini-ness was clearly seen.

3. Joshua following his instincts correctly

Joshua was given the “Doctor” role, where he can heal any member not knowing if they are the mafia or if they were killed by the mafia or not. On his first round of choosing, he managed to save the right person from death and everyone was amazed at how he did just that! He went on to explain that he just felt like that person was about to die in the game and so he followed his instinct and saved him!

4. Jeonghan’s never-ending out of this world tactics

Jeonghan is known for his amazing tricks and tips when it comes to getting around games! “it isn’t cheating,” as he said. He definitely fooled his members big time while playing this game, where he instructed them to search certain places for the money when in fact, he knew all along where he hid it!

5. Wonwoo being the intellectual that he is

Whenever a round would end, the members would need to come together to decide on who to vote off as the mafia. It was always a difficult time because everyone was suspicious of each other to an extent, and anyone could easily be bluffing! But Wonwoo being an intellectual that he is managed to guess all three mafias right!

6. Mingyu suffering Hoshi’s antics

As mentioned earlier, Hoshi put the blame on Mingyu and managed to convince all his members that he is someone they shouldn’t feel comfortable with while playing the game. He seemed to successfully fool his members despite outing himself, and Mingyu had to suffer the consequences!

7. The8’s silent strategy

No one in the game suspected him at the end of every round, except Wonwoo. He played the game in silence and won in the end. As they say, “Work hard in silence, and let success make the noise.” He definitely lived out that inspirational quote throughout playing the mafia game!

8. Just another day of SEVENTEEN being loud and chaotic

With 13 members, it’s normal for the members to speak their mind out all at once especially at an intense game like this one.

9. All the new memes

The game was so intense that the members reacted genuinely throughout the show! Their reactions were gold and there are certainly a lot of new fun and realistic memes to screenshot, save, and use! Check out some of the many memes here:

With this, you can surely tell who the mafias are!

Watch the first part of Don’t Lie here: