9 Things Proving BTS’s Jungkook Has The Best Parents In The World

If all parents were like this, the world would be a great place.

Long before BTSJungkook‘s parents were raising him into the person fans know and love. Here are 9 things about Jungkook’s mom and dad that you might not know!

1. They know their music

Jungkook called his mom during a quiz on Run BTS! to ask her to guess a song’s name after listening to a clip played by the staff. At first, she knew the song but not the song’s name, but after listening to it again, she guessed right!

| Run BTS!/Weverse 

Jungkook’s mom shared that his dad was the one who guessed the title.

| Run BTS!/Weverse

2. His dad used to dress up as Santa Claus

At BTS’s annual FESTA party, Jungkook told a childhood Christmas story about his father. To convince Jungkook that Santa was real, his father would dress the part then sneak into his room. Jungkook was too nervous to open his eyes to look, but he remembers feeling Santa’s beard brush his face.

3. His dad likes to play pranks

Like father like son! Jungkook loves to play pranks on his members, and it turns out he inherited this from his dad. After Jungkook told his Santa story, Suga asked if Jungkook’s dad likes to play pranks. Jungkook confirmed it.

4. Jungkook’s mom taught him the importance of honesty

During a live stream, Jungkook revealed what happened when his mom found out that he cheated on a test at school. “When I was little,” he said. I cheated on a spelling test and I got into a lot of trouble. I got a really good spanking.”


His mother told him that being honest was much more important than having a high test score.

My mom…I’m not sure what she told me, to be honest, but I think it was something like, “I don’t care if you get 100 or 0 on your tests. I don’t care about that. But the issue here is that you cheated.” I made a big mistake. Why am I talking about this?

— Jungkook

5. Jungkook’s dad appeared in a BANGTANTV video

BTS’s parents are rarely seen on camera, but Jungkook’s dad appeared in a 2014 YouTube video called [EPISODE] Jung Kook went to High school with BTS! He went to Jungkook’s school, along with BTS, then joined them for dinner afterward.

6. Jungkook convinced his dad to quit smoking

During an episode of Let’s Eat Dinner TogetherKang Ho Dong, Jungkook revealed that he is the one who persuaded his dad to give up smoking.

7. His parents are not the same age

During the same show, Jungkook revealed that his dad was born in 1971, making him one year younger than his mother. In 2023, Jungkook’s dad is 52 years old and his mom is 53.

8. His parents’ love story

On Let’s Eat Dinner Together, Jungkook revealed that his parents married at a young age, and that his mother was the one who hit on his father first.

Like Jungkook, his father was (and still is) very good-looking!

9. His parents gave him the freedom he needed to thrive

During a live broadcast, Jungkook told fans that his parents were not overly strict. Instead, they gave him the structure he needed, correcting him if necessary, while also allowing him the freedom to pursue his passions.

They only scolded me and corrected me when I did things that were obviously wrong. So, up until now, I’ve never been under a huge amount of stress. So I’m really grateful for that. To my parents. They let me do what I really wanted to do.

— Jungkook


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