9 Times Actors Were Totally Embarrassed After A Kissing Scene

Kim Woobin and Suzy though!

The peak of heart-fluttering moments in Korean dramas is definitely the kissing scene.

While it may look perfect on television, the actors themselves often react shyly, sometimes even needing multiple retakes to get it right.

As such, here are some examples of actors getting totally embarrassed from their kiss scene!


1. Yoon Doojoon



2. Han Hyojoo and Lee Jongsuk


3. Kim Woobin and Suzy



4. Yoo Yeonseok and Seo Hyunjin



5. Kim Youngkwang and Soo Ae


6. Kim Yoojung and Park Bo Gum


7. Lee Saeyoung and Yoon Siyoon


8. Yoo Seungho and Kim Sohyun


9. And Finally, Joon Jihoon and Jin Seyeon