9 Times The ATEEZ Members Looked Way Too Good In Leopard Print

It takes a great sense of style to pull off leopard print.

When it comes to fashion, leopard print can be hit or miss. The ATEEZ members, however, always manage to pull it off—and here are 9 moments that prove it.

1. Wooyoung

Wooyoung looked incredible in a leopard print shirt at this fansign last October.

The black jacket over the top only made him look more suave.

2. Hongjoong

Hongjoong is one of K-Pop’s kings of leopard print.

Just look at him rocking this leopard print coat in the photoshoot for Treasure EP.Fin: All to Action.

3. Yeosang

Yeosang somehow managed to look both comfortable and stylish in this Disney x Ordinary People leopard print cardigan.

Only he could pull off a combination of animal print and Mickey Mouse.

4. San

Leopard print doesn’t have to be neutral-colored, and San proves that better than anyone.

If you’re a dedicated ATINY, you probably remember San wearing this purple leopard shirt on several occasions.

5. Mingi

Mingi looks great in colorful leopard print too.

This jacket he wore in the Treasure music video blends yellow, gray, and blue.

6. Hongjoong

Hongjoong continues the uniquely colored leopard print fits with this red and white cardigan.

He performed in it back in July 2019 when ATEEZ came back with “Wave”.

7. Wooyoung

Back to another iconic Wooyoung leopard print look.

He looked expensive AF in this leopard print coat at the 34th Golden Disc Awards this year.

8. San

San makes the list again too with another leopard print shirt.

This time, he headed to the airport in a more standard shade of the animal pattern.

9. Hongjoong

Last but not least, Hongjoong makes the list again with this adorable scarf.

Who knew leopard print could be so cute?