9 Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé Slayed An All-White Outfit

She can slay anything!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is the group’s gorgeous main vocalist, known for her highly unique vocal tone and unreal proportions. She’s also known as quite the fashionista, and can pull off various outfits! Here are 10 times Rosé pulled off an all-white outfit, and totally crushed it!

1. The skirt and crop top combo suits Rosé so much!

2. Rosé also looks gorgeous in this super casual white dress!

3. She looks like an absolute goddess in this fitted white dress!

4. Rosé’s also stealing hearts with this gorgeous outfit!

5. Rosé absolutely shines on stage with this outfit!

6. The skirt and crop top combo is back, highlighting her gorgeous proportions!

7. Rosé’s figure can carry off any fashion trend!

8. Rosé in this white summer dress is a whole other level of beautiful!

9. Special mention of Rosé in white shirts and jackets!