9 Times BTS Members Got Annoyed With Each Other

Check out what BTS members do when they get annoyed with each other!

1. Suga’s Cold Stare

Ever seen what Suga looks like when he’s really mad? When Suga realized he got black ink all over his fingers after playing the fake keyboard Jimin made, he gives Jimin the coldest stare and throws the keyboard on the ground. He looks really pissed!


2. The Prankster Jin

Jin doesn’t let sleepyhead Jungkook sleep in peace and keeps annoying him!


3. Naughty Jin

Jin goes for sleepyhead Jungkook again, this time aiming for his sensitive areas! Naughty Jin!


4. RM’s Iyoniyo Song

RM goes around annoying all the members when they’re sleeping. Notice how he skips Suga. (He probably doesn’t want to get that nasty cold stare!)


5. Gangsta Suga

Jimin takes a shot at teasing Suga but backs down when Suga says “Go away”. No one can mess with Suga!


6. I’m Not Laughing

Jimin starts laughing after the other members hang up on him, not because he’s happy!


7. Gorilla Jimin

Jimin becomes a gorilla to show his members that he’s angry. RM thinks it’s adorable!


8. V & Jin Fight

V and Jin get super emotional with each other. Watch to found out what happened!


9. Angry J-Hope

J-Hope can’t hide his anger towards Jimin!