9 Times BTS Revealed How Much They Actually Love Anime That Will Make You Say “Same”

V’s impression of Brook from One Piece is so funny — it’ll tickle your funny bone.

We all know BTS as award-winning artists who have stolen the hearts of millions of ARMYs worldwide.

You know they’re talented performers.

You know they’re sought-after brand ambassadors.

But did you know that they’re also anime-lovers?

Here are nine moments when BTS revealed how much they love fanboying over anime.

1. V stands for “Brook”

His impression of the famous skeleton character from One Piece is so funny that it’ll tickle your funny bone.

2. Jungkook doing the famous run from Naruto

Because if ninjas say that this is the correct way of running, who are we to defy them?

3. Yoongi as Naruto

Maybe he was already successful in cloning himself and he has hundreds of clones sitting at home and waiting for their turn to perform on stage?

4. Jimin idolizing Zoro from One Piece

Wholesome Jimin is the kind of Jimin that ARMYs need into their lives.

5. BTS singing the theme song from Naruto

While singing karaoke for a RUN BTS! episode, all members of BTS enjoyed singing the Korean Naruto theme song — complete with the trademark Naruto run and paper ninja stars.

6. His love for anime knows no bounds

Some idols warm up or exercise to tame the butterflies in their stomachs before performing. watches anime, and honestly, same.

7. Suga and Slam Dunk 

It’s no wonder that Yoongi loves a basketball-themed anime like Slam Dunk.

After all, his stage name Suga is derived from the first syllables of the term shooting guard (슈팅 가드) — the position he played in basketball as a student.

8. RM and Sailor Moon 

He’s got the legs for it, so why not?

9. “Attack on Bangtan”, anyone?

One of their songs, Attack on Bangtan, was inspired by the hit anime Attack on Titan. 

Attack on Titan is about a world where humanity lives in fear of gigantic man-eating humanoids known as “Titans” — thus the line, “We will swallow you without fear” from BTS‘s song.

Source: Run BTS!