9 Times BTS’s Suga Said Some Wise Things And Wowed ARMYs With His Outlook

So deep, so true.

BTS‘s Suga is as deep as Master Shifu when it comes to the things he says about his music, his career, and even his life in general. Here are the 9 times Suga hit us with some meaningful insight, proving he was born with a heart of gold and a mindset of a world class superstar!


1. Suga on Performing

There can only be so many people that a single human meets in his/her lifetime. But I get to perform in front of a crowd thousand times more than that. I take great pride in it. And I don’t think there would ever come a time when I think, ‘This is enough.’ I perform each stage with a sense of calling and responsibility for doing what I do.

— Suga


2. Suga on Music

I don’t know about talent, but I definitely think I have the seriousness when it comes to music. I usually lead a carefree life. But I care very much about music. If I’m going to make music, I’m going to make it good.

— Suga


3. Suga on Prejudice

I didn’t want to feel hurt. That would be like admitting that I’ve lost to prejudice.

— Suga


4. Suga on Fear

I’m flying so high up. I see so much and I see so far. And I thought above the clouds I’d be happy no matter what. But looking down, I feel scared sometimes. I find courage in that I’m flying with you guys. Falling is scary, yes. But landing, I do not fear.

— Suga


5. Suga on Despair

People fall into despair because they can’t see the future. They’d be able to move forward if they see any light… but if they don’t have any light, they fail and can’t progress. I want my music to become that light for those in the dark. I want them to heal from it and find the courage to step forward again.

— Suga


6. Suga on Support

The world never taught you how to dream, never mind let you do so. But it blames you for not dreaming. It’s never your fault. Don’t be hard on yourself. It’s okay to lean on each other when things are hard. If you see someone struggling, let them lean on you. This is the only reason I started making music. I hope my songs empower you.

— Suga


7. Suga on Victories

We’re not winning on our own. Our fans are taking us to victories.

— Suga


8. Suga on Goals

Of course I want to be a good person. But it’s impossible for me to be liked by everyone. That would be me being greedy. I’m just going to work toward being a genuine, honest person who does not lie. I’m going to live true to my lyrics – so that 10 or 20 years from now, I can still look at my work and have no shame.

— Suga


9. Suga on Hate

Haters, just keep writing those hate comments. I don’t read them. I don’t need to read them. But I’m sure the agency will take care of them. And I won’t go easy on them. That’s it. Isn’t that a satisfactory ending for everyone?

— Suga

Source: Insight