9 Times BTS’s V Proved He’s The Perfect Date for Valentine’s Day

The letter V stands for Valentine’s Day.

Every ARMY knows that BTS’s V’s visuals are on a league of its own.

He’s drop-dead gorgeous, to say the least.

And his singing voice is as rich as a velvety chocolate.

But is he the best date you can have on Valentine’s Day? Let’s all find out together:

1. He’ll ask you out personally

None of that “R u free?” text messages: he’ll muster up the courage and personally ask you out on a date, even if he’s totally shy about it.

2. Matching outfits on a date?

He’s completely fine with it — maybe even be the first one to bring it up.

3. He loves to draw portraits of you

After all, he went to Korean Arts High School and considers drawing as his hobby.

4. Afterwards, you’ll eat grilled meat

It’s one of his favorite foods, together with japchae. 

5. And have coffee together

He’s interested in making coffee and coffee art is a beautiful thing to learn about, so why not?

6. Heart-to-heart conversations? He’s in

This worldwide famous idol isn’t afraid of commitment — he dedicated 3 years of his life to train under BigHit Entertainment, after all.

7. You can count on Taehyung for meme-worthy faces, too

And isn’t it a good sign when you’re having a lot of fun on your date?

8. He’ll drop you off respectfully

For someone who considers his dad as his role model, is sure to treat your parents with the same respect. You’ll be sure to get home before your curfew.

9. And send you romantic messages to complete your night

How about me? I can lessen the stress for you

– V

Even after he’s gone out on a date with you and dropped you off, will make sure your stress and worries are nowhere to be found since he’ll be texting you sweet messages as you go to sleep.

Don’t you think is the perfect epitome of what a male lead in a Korean drama should be like?

Whether he is or he is not, the answer to him being the best Valentine’s Day date ever is perfectly clear to ARMYs worldwide.