9 Times GFRIEND’s Umji Was Too Beautiful For This World

She’s stunning 😍

GFRIEND‘s Umji has a unique beauty that shines more and more as time passes. Without a doubt, she is gorgeous, and here are 9 gifs that prove it.

1. Radiant

With the sun’s rays shining down on her, Umji looks even more radiant and gorgeous.

2. Alluring

She may be busy dancing, but she still manages to pull off alluring facial expressions.

3. Enchanting

Her graceful movements and enchanting gaze are captivating.

4. Fierce

Her killer gaze can always draw you in.

5. Pure

Wearing white and heart-shaped earrings, Umji can pass as a pure and innocent angel.

6. Sweet

Without even trying, anyone can see that she is an absolute sweetheart.

7. Talented

Her aegyo is heart melting. Also, talk about talent for pulling off so many poses in the span of a few seconds.

8. Flirty

She looks fresh and flirty while sporting a matching pink outfit and bright smile.

9. Gorgeous

Last but not the least, Umji looks like a beautiful goddess in this stunning gown.