Here Are 9 Times Idols Made Surprising Cameos In K-Pop Music Videos

Did you notice them?

There is nothing better when your favorite K-Pop idols interact with each other or appear in the same video. In particular, you might not have noticed some of your favorite idols appearing in each other’s music videos!

Here are nine times that idols appeared in K-Pop music videos, either before they debuted or at the start of their careers!

1. A.C.E’s Chan And Stray Kids’ Bangchan – “Like Ooh Ahh” by TWICE

If you blinked for even a second watching TWICE’s “Like Ooh Ahh,” you might have missed a cameo from two boy-group idols. Dressed as zombies, A.C.E’s Chan And Stray Kids’ Bangchan appeared in the 2015 music video long before debuting.

| JYP Entertainment/YouTube

2. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo – “Spoiler” by Epik High

If you asked someone what the mysterious woman in Epik High’s track “Spoiler” would be doing in the future, how many would have known that Jisoo would part of the biggest girl groups in the world? Even in 2014, Jisoo showcased her stunning visuals and flawless acting, which fans will never forget.


3. BTS – “I’m Da One” by Jo Kwon

If you ever wanted to see clips of pre-debut BTS members, then Jo Kwon’s “I’m Da One” is the perfect place to look. With most of the members appearing at some point, it shows just how far the group has come from cameos to taking over the world with their music.

| HYBE Official/YouTube

4. BTS’s Jimin And Jungkook – “Party (XXO)” by Glam

In 2012, Glam released their hit “Party (XXO)” music video where BTS’s RM is credited as a songwriter. If you look closely, you’ll notice that he wasn’t the only member involved in the song. Even if it is for barely a second, eagle-eyed viewers will see a young Jimin and Jungkook make an appearance.

| 1theK/YouTube

5. ONEUS’s Ravn – “Everyday” by MAMAMOO

ONEUS’s oldest member Ravn made a cameo in fellow RBW group MAMAMOO’s music video for the track “Everyday” in 2018. Ravn played the love interest of the members showcasing his romantic side and continues to dazzle fans with his visuals today.

| 1theK/YouTube

6. EXO’s Chanyeol – “Genie (Japanese Version)” by Girls’ Generation

When Girls’ Generation released the Japanese version of their hit “Genie,” a newly debuted Chanyeol made an appearance in the 2012 music video. He seemed so young, and, nearly ten years later, he still makes the hearts of fans flutter.

| SMTown/YouTube

7. TWICE’s Sana – “A” by GOT7

Before TWICE debuted in 2015, member Sana actually appeared in the music video for GOT7’s track “A.” Playing the members’ love interest, who would have known back then that she would be in one of the biggest K-Pop girl groups!

| JYP Entertainment/YouTube

8. ONEUS’s Seoho – “In My Dreams” by MAMAMOO’s Solar

Although not as obvious, ONEUS’s Seoho has confirmed several times that he starred alongside MAMAMOO’s Solar in her 2016 track “In My Dreams.” Although it has been five years, there is no denying that Seoho still has the same charming eye smile unique to him.

| Stone Music Entertainment/ YouTube

9. Golden Child’s Bomin – “No, We” By Lovelyz

It is no secret that Golden Child’s Bomin has the visuals of a perfect leading man. It was so perfect that he was the male lead in Lovelyz “No, We” video in 2017. With his charms and effortless looks, he couldn’t have been a better fit.

| Woolim Entertainment/YouTube
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