9 Times Idols Responded To Anti-Fans In The Best Way Possible

Cause their mommas taught them better than that!

1. Hong Jin Young

After seeing someone leave a comment saying “I hate Hong Jin Young so much what should I do?” the trot singer and Unnies member pretended to be someone else to leave a comment in response. She also clicked “Dislike” on the original post!

2. Hyorin

On how to deal with hateful comments, Hyorin says she doesn’t let the negativity linger in her heart so she can forget it right away. She actually laughs with the netizens who leave mean but witty comments.

3. Lee Hyori

While signing autographs, she couldn’t hold back when an anti-fan threw a raw egg at her face. She brought the anti-fan to her car and made them write an apology letter.

4. Sung Yuri

When she was still a member of Fin.K.L she received a “fan letter” that was filled with swears. After realizing it was an anti-fan she managed to catch the person and called their homeroom teacher to report what happened.

5. AOA’s Seolhyun

She searches her name every day and is always happy when she sees positive comments. Whenever she sees negative comments she admits that it does bother her, but she just chooses to not let it hurt her.

6. Jang Geun Suk

The Hallyu actor simply believes that one day his anti-fans will also fall for him. How charming!

7. Park Myung Soo

Park Myung Soo took things one step further and personally met with his anti-fans on television. But, he simply ignored and seemed uninterested in their harsh words.

8. Park Hae Jin

For those malicious commenters who pleaded for mercy, this actor had only one condition that needed to be fulfilled. If the commenters volunteered with him, he promised he would withdraw the lawsuits. What a unique way of dealing with haters!

9. Rain

When anti-fans said his song “LA Song” sounded like Tae Jin Ah’s trot music and made a parody to further the rude joke, he couldn’t let it pass him. He even went so far as to bring the parody to life with the legendary Tae Jin Ah on stage, causing the creation of “Bi (Rain) Jin Ah”.

Source: 1boon