9 Times Red Velvet Had Fans Shook With How Pretty They Looked In Corsets

The queens snapped!

Red Velvet are vocal and visual queens! They’ve tried a whole bunch of different fashion trends, and the trend of corsets has suited them very nicely! Here are 8 times Red Velvet rocked corsets, and absolutely slayed!

1. Seulgi’s Black Lace-Up Corset


2. Joy’s Red Corset


3. Irene’s Black Corset Top


4. Wendy’s Red Corset Top


5. Irene’s Green Patterned Corset


6. Wendy’s Baby Blue Corset


7. Joy’s Black Lace Corset


8. Yeri’s Black Corset Top


9. Yeri’s White Corset Top

Red Velvet