9 Times SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Showed Us How To Wear Colored Hair

Mingyu definitely knows what he’s doing!

Everyone knows that coloring your hair, especially with unnatural hair colors, takes courage. However there are some who are willing to step out of their comfort zone, and take the risk to experiment and try new things out, and SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu is one of them.

Knowing Mingyu’s playful and outgoing personality, it is no surprise that he stepped up his visual game further by playing with his hair and trying out some unusual hair colors!

Spoilers: He definitely pulled every single color off!

1. When Mingyu came out with ash purple colored hair on his way to Hong Kong.

Mingyu looked absolutely charming with ash violet colored hair and gave CARATs a sight having colored his hair an unnatural hair color after a while.

2. Mingyu goes ash gray for K-CON LA!

As the purple dye started to fade, Mingyu’s hair revealed an ash gray color just in time for their performance for K-CON LA!

3. Mingyu changes things up with light brown hair!

Mingyu attempts a more natural hair color with light brown, and obviously still looks handsome as ever!

4. Mingyu in ash blue!

Mingyu later on flaunted his beautiful ash blue locks for the group’s promotions for HIT. This hair color reminded CARATs of the time Mingyu had a similar hair color for SEVENTEEN’s promotions for Mansae and brought back both old and new feels!

5. Fiery red to take things to a different level!

Mingyu revealed a hotter side of himself and amazed CARATs with his bright red hair!

6. Mingyu surprising everyone in deep violet!

SEVENTEEN were set to make their comeback about two weeks after their Seoul stop for Ode to You, with various promotions left and right. Mingyu kept on surprising Carats, and was seen rocking a deep violet hair color, looking dashing as ever, for one of their promotion schedules!

7. Mingyu takes on a shade of pink!

As the bright red dye started to fade, Mingyu’s hair yet again transformed to a new color! Mingyu looked good in a more muted shade of red, making his hair look pink in color!

CARATs were definitely delighted to see Mingyu in various hair colors, however remain concerned about his scalp’s condition due to all the chemicals from having his hair bleached and colored so many times in a span of a short time.

But wait, there’s more! Remembering the past with sentimental emotions…

8. Orange hair for Mingyu!

Still, CARATs will never forget the time Mingyu colored his hair orange and still looked amazing!


9. Blonde Mingyu whom we all miss!

Another unforgettable hairstyle in CARATs’ hearts is when Mingyu dyed his hair Blonde for SEVENTEEN’s comeback promotions for Boom Boom.

Mingyu definitely stole CARATs’ hearts and showed that he will always be good looking no matter what hair color he wears! He definitely pulls every color off and CARATs are sure to like him whatever hair color he decides to have!