9 Times SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Was Relatable AF

Who hasn’t done a few of these?

Although it’s hard to forget that idols are just like us, there are moments where we can easily see ourselves in them. Here are 9 times that SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo was just like us.

1. Being so excited for snack time that he burst into song.

Wonwoo was so excited to eat snacks that he changed the refrain of “Ice Cream Cake” in Red Velvet’s song to “snacks.” It’s only natural to dance or sing when excited for food. Plus, he knew the lyrics to Red Velvet’s song, proving that idols do indeed listen to the music of other idols just like we do.

2. Dancing to an old performance just for his friends’ amusement.

In middle school, Wonwoo was part of a dance team that performed Highlight’s “Breath”. Wonwoo relived the cringey memory of how stiff he used to be by reenacting the dance for the SEVENTEEN members. Who hasn’t relived a memory they’d rather forget just for the sake of entertainment?

3. Yelling “Be Quiet” at the noisy members.

The SEVENTEEN members were talking so loudly over each other and ignoring the hosts that Wonwoo yelled at them to focus. Everybody experiences a time when someone isn’t listening, so it’s only natural to get just a bit angry. (Maybe not as angry as Wonwoo.)

4. Concentrating super hard to win a game.

Down to the final 2 members to determine the ultimate winner of a game, Wonwoo was so focused on playing that his body didn’t immediately process what his mind told it to do. In the end, he still won. Whether it be tripping over something you’d already seen or slipping up in a game, it happens to everyone.

5. His fear of approaching strangers.

Wonwoo had to approach a stranger and promote SEVENTEEN for a mission, but his shyness almost prevented him from succeeding. After all, who hasn’t been afraid to approach someone? Talking to someone new can be hard, especially if someone is extremely shy.

6. Actor Wonwoo pretending to cry after losing.

Wonwoo jokes around by pretending to cry after losing to Hoshi in a game. Playfully pretending to be hurt by a friend during a game is natural in close relationships; it even makes the atmosphere more comedic.

7. Having a mental breakdown.

After being frustrated by coming so close to winning, Wonwoo has a mental breakdown. Repeating the same action over and over without receiving a positive outcome makes it easy to get frustrated. And, there comes a point where you just explode from not knowing what to do.

8. Acting weird for no reason at all.

Giving himself fangs out of chips, Wonwoo epitomizes being strange. Sometimes we have the urge to do things simply because we can, and sometimes there’s no other explanation for it. Life’s too short, why not have fun?

9. Eating all the food.

Determined, Wonwoo stuffed all the food in his mouth. When food is laid out nicely and there’s so much, who wouldn’t be tempted to stuff all the food in their mouth? Sometimes our eyes are bigger than our mouths, and that’s completely okay.

Being in a group of 13 rowdy guys is bound to create various situations and Wonwoo reacts to them just like any other person would. Idols are people too after all.