9+ Moments Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Proved He Is The Perfect Gentleman

#5 is truly swoon-worthy

Stray KidsBang Chan is known for his strong visuals and amazing musical skills, as well as his kind personality.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

Bang Chan often goes viral simply for being himself and proving how much of a gentleman he really is. Here are 9+ moments Bang Chan proved that he is the perfect gentleman!

1. This Viral Moment At The Airport

Bang Chan recently went viral for this kind moment at the airport. After a moment of congestion caused by fans, Bang Chan guided the staff member to go first to allow her to get out of the situation faster!

2. Helping His Members Out While Filming

Bang Chan is always there to lend a hand to those who need it!

3. Taking Care Of The Maknaes

4. Even Giving A Hand On Stage!

5. Telling fans they can sit.

Gentleman Bang Chan tried to tell fans they would be able to take a seat instead of standing the entire show, even though fans refused to.


bang chan being a gentleman but this happened… his reaction SENDS me 😆 #straykids #bangchan #kpopconcert #fyp

♬ original sound – salina

6. Helping Staff Members Out

Bang Chan ran ahead to open the door for this staff member carrying something heavy and to help her carry it inside.

7. Video Call Moments With Fans

Bang Chan is always so sweet with fans!

8. Seriously, he is too sweet with fans!

9. Turn air fans on to STAYs during a concert.

Bang Chan went viral for his actions during Stray Kids’ Manic world tour stop in Jakarta. When a fan fainted, Bang Chan immediately sprang into action and turned the fans placed on the stage towards the crowd to help air circulate.

10. Taking Fans On “Dates”

One thing that Bang Chan often does is go on “movie dates” with STAYs over Dear. U Bubble messages, and is always the perfect gentleman on the dates! Bang Chan even took fans on a “date” on Valentine’s Day and prepared chocolates and a rose!


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