9 Times When TWICE’s Jihyo Proved She’s Dance Line Material

Jihyo’s just as good a dancer as she is a singer!

TWICE‘s Jihyo is rightfully praised for her beautiful voice, but her dance skills deserve more attention, too!

TWICE’s Jihyo | @twicetagram/Instagram

Here are 9 times Jihyo proved she’s 100% dance line material!

1. Her moves are always flawlessly sharp

You will never catch Jihyo performing a move sloppily! Her dancing is always sharp and clean.

2. She’s got great energy

Jihyo always puts on high-energy performances!

3. Her facial expressions are always on point

Jihyo knows that simply being a good dancer isn’t enough. She makes sure each and every performance is memorable by matching her facial expressions to the song!

4. She makes even the hardest choreography look easy

Jihyo and the other members have said “More & More” is their hardest choreography, but she makes it look so easy!

5. She always has perfect form

Jihyo perfectly executes every single move!

6. Her many years of training paid off

Jihyo famously trained for 10 years, and all her hard work shows every time she takes the stage!

7. She’s such an expressive dancer

Jihyo can express any feeling through her dance moves!

8. She’s a natural performer

Every time she performs, Jihyo looks like she was born to be on stage!

9. She’s constantly improving

Jihyo has always been a great dancer, but she manages to keep improving over time! It’s easy to see that she’s truly passionate about dancing, performing, and learning more to put on even better shows for ONCE.