9 Unedited Moments of SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan At Paris Fashion Week That Show His Stunning IRL Visuals

#5 proves his visuals are unmatched!

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan was recently in Paris for the Yves Saint Laurent Men’s Winter 23 show, where he stunned fans with his gorgeous looks and hung out with some popular stars. While Jeonghan looks great no matter what, fans were impressed with his unedited visuals during his time there.

Here are 9 of those moments showing how stunning he is IRL!

1. He looks so dreamy.

2.  He looks like the lead in a K-Drama.

3. Being so kind to fans!

4. His Smile, OMG.

5. This candid photo is gorgeous.

6. Can you imagine being this close to him?

7. I mean, seriously. Look at him.

8. These photos with NCT’s Ten are a visual explosion, seriously.

NCT‘s Ten also attended the show, and together these two were the main event.

9. Barefaced Jeonghan is everything.


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