9 Unforgettable Highlights From The BLACKPINK In Your Area World Tour

After 36 worldwide shows, BLACKPINK’s In Your Area tour has come to an end.

On February 22, BLACKPINK’s wildly successful In Your Area world tour finally came to an end. After 36 shows across 18 countries in 4 continents, the group played to almost half a million fans and grossed over $50 million USD. But this wasn’t just the most successful Korean girl group tour in history—it was also a time for BLACKPINK and BLINKs to make amazing memories together. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and look at 10 of the most unforgettable moments from In Your Area.

1. When Jennie wished for more songs

If there’s one thing BLINKs and non-fans alike know about BLACKPINK, it’s that their discography is shockingly small. Aside from remixes and Japanese versions, the group has just 14 songs to its name—including B-sides and one collab.

Which is why, even after filling the gaps in their concerts with covers, the group still wished they had more to perform for their fans. And Jennie wasn’t afraid to speak up about it at one In Your Area show, telling fans, “I wanna do like 10 more songs if I had any.”

2. When they performed with Dua Lipa

It’s still rare for K-Pop artists to get collaborations with major international singers, so BLINKs went crazy when BLACKPINK dropped “Kiss and Make Up”—their collab with GRAMMY Award-winner Dua Lipa.

Fans weren’t sure whether they should get their hopes up for a live performance, but Dua Lipa herself stunned everyone when she took to the stage at In Your Area in Newark and performed right alongside BLACKPINK.

3. When Australia welcome Rosé home

Every foreign-born K-Pop idol dreams of performing in their hometown. Rosé got that chance on June 13 last year when In Your Area hit Melbourne, the place where she was raised—and fans welcomed her back with open arms.

Just as Aussie BLINKs prepared a special fan event for Rosé, she prepared something special too—a performance of “Coming Home” by Skylar Grey.

Seeing all of you dancing and singing along to our songs really makes me happy. During my trainee days, I once sang ‘Coming Home’ guitar, and I just started crying [because] I really missed home… so that song has a very special place in my heart. It feels surreal!

— Rosé

4. When Jennie debuted “SOLO” before its release

On November 12 2018, Jennie made her solo debut with the aptly-named single “SOLO”. But before the single and music video were released for everyone to hear, Jennie gave lucky K-BLINKs a preview at their first Korean solo concerts.

Days 1 and 2 of In Your Area in Seoul on November 10 and November 11 saw Jennie’s first ever performances of the iconic song. Over 20,000 fans in attendance got to see the song ahead of its release, and judging by the crowds’ cheers, they knew it would be a hit.

5. When they danced… like that

One of the best things about BLACKPINK concerts is how much fun the members have on stage. Instead of restricting themselves to the official choreo, they like to add in their own touches to spice things up. And things got very spicy with some of their additions, like when Jennie and Lisa… grinded on each other.

Or when Rosé and Lisa started twerking together.

And when Jisoo gave the whole crowd this.

6. When they played rock, paper, scissors

Another adorable addition to their choreo was Jennie and Lisa’s adorable game of rock, paper, scissors right in the middle of the “As If It’s Your Last” performance.

Lisa pulled paper, while Jennie played her very own symbol—a heart. Looks like Jennie won that round!

7. When Jennie gave her hair clip to a fan

At Day 2 of In Your Area in Jakarta, one of the fans in the standing area was a wheelchair user. Unfortunately, during the commotion of the show, the BLINK found herself getting pushed around a little. But she didn’t go unnoticed by Jennie.

When she saw the fan, she took out her hair clip, gave it to her staff, and asked them to give the clip to the lucky BLINK—the ultimate memento after such a great show.

Later, the fan revealed on Twitter that she had said some unkind things about Jennie in the past, but her unwavering kindness completely changed her opinion.

8. When they refused iPhones

Like many artists, BLACKPINK like to take selfies and recordings on lucky fans’ phones during their concerts. But there was just one small issue during the In Your Area tour—the BLACKPINK members are endorsers for Samsung.

In the past, Samsung has sued their brand ambassadors for using Apple products. So, when Jennie reached for a fan’s phone at the concert, only to realize it was an iPhone, she had the cutest reaction that BLINKs will never forget.

9. Rosé’s “this beat got me feeling like”

BLACKPINK has numerous iconic lines in their songs, from “BLACKPINK is the revolution” to the “BLACKPINK in your area” line that gave the tour its name. But over the course on the In Your Area concerts, one line became even more iconic: Rosé’s line in “Whistle”—“This beat got me feeling like!”.

At most of the shows on the tour, Rosé switched up the line by adding the city’s name before it. It quickly became one of the spectacles fans looked forward to at every concert.