9 Unpopular K-Pop Fan Opinions That Will Keep You Awake At Night

Sharing your feels anonymously can definitely be cathartic.

One thing everyone has is an opinion, and they are, without a doubt, entitled to their opinion. Some opinions have everyone nodding in agreement, while others are quite unpopular. Sometimes, an opinion is only unpopular because it’s difficult to hear or isn’t in-line with your own thoughts. Below are 9 unpopular K-Pop opinions that will keep you awake at night, as you toss and turn thinking about them.

1. BTS isn’t responsible for everyone’s overseas success

So sick and tired of BTS being credited for any mild accomplishment any group has over seas. I’m seeing and hearing Army constantly say that NCT released a full English song because of BTS’ impact, which is absolutely garbage. NCT have had a ‘global’ concept from the start; it was explained before they debuted in 2016. They have English speaking members and plans to expand not only in English speaking places, but in other non Korean spaces as well. If BTS didn’t exist in any capacity, NCT still would be flying to the states and making music for their English fans. BTS has nothing to do with that.


2. Red Velvet is innovative

Red Velvet is probably the only girl group to me where I never know what kind of comeback they are going to have. This just means the concepts and songs are so unique and I love it honestly.


3. An accomplishment for one is an accomplishment for all

In one of GOT7’s American interviews, Bambam said something that I think all kpop fans should keep in mind regarding groups success in America. He said, “All of kpop, we’re a family, even if we’re in different companies,” and that GOT7 having successful American tours and doing what they do, that can help other groups after them. Whether it’s SNSD, Wonder Girls, BoA, Rain, Psy, BTS, GOT7, or NCT – their accomplishments aren’t just for the group/fandom but for all of kpop too.


4. TWICE is underrated

People don’t give twice enough credit for their professionalism. They work 24/7 and have multiple comebacks in Korea and Japan multiple times a year yet they always have their choreographies down, don’t forget their lyrics, prepare amazing award/end of the year show stages, go on tv shows and all this while constantly putting on a smile. They are hard working women and they really motivate me to work hard too and honestly I’m sick of people discrediting them solely because of their concepts.


5.  We need to let idols live their lives

It breaks my heart when so-called fans criticize idols bodies. Take Wonho for example. He loves Monbebes so much but because some were criticizing his tattoos, he went in to get one removed and he said it was so painful he didn’t want to keep going. Then when he started building muscle, there were comments saying he was fat, too big, or that they were scared of him. The industry is already hard on idols as it is and they don’t need fans attacking them too.


6. The best voices are the most distinct

A lot of people probably dislike it, but I love the distinctive tone that a lot of Idol rappers have. Like LE, Hyuna, Soyeon all have quite nasal voices, but others like Jessi, Ravi and I.M also stand out to me


7. The best presence in K-Pop

I think N has the best stage presence of any kpop idol. Watching him is like watching art. I don’t even like most VIXX songs, but I’ll watch all of his solo fan-cams because there isn’t a second on stage where he’s giving it his all and immersing himself into the song.


8. BoA paved the way

When BoA talked about how in the beginning she had to learn Japanese cause there were no interpreters and that she had to walked around the airport and take the metro by herself when she was in Japan cause there were no managers really made me realize how much kpop changed and how much idols like her contributed for it. I’m really thankful that idols like BoA went through that so most new idols don’t have to.


9. Fans love when idols embrace their weird side


Bear in mind that these opinions are shared anonymously with confession blogs, and with that in mind, tell us, have you ever submitted an anonymous K-Pop confession?