9 Unusual K-Pop Groups Who Decided Not To Have A Leader

It would be hard for Number 6 to have an official leader.

Something that a majority of K-Pop groups have are leaders. The leader is usually viewed as a vital person in the group, as they are the ones that usually help comfort the group during hard times. However, there are a few K-Pop groups who don’t have a leader. Here’s a list of a couple of K-Poop groups without an official leader.


The BLACKPINK members all trained together for multiple years, and all became close friends. When it was time to debut, they decided it would be better to go without a leader, due to them all being like friends.

2. K.A.R.D

The members of K.A.R.D decided to debut without a leader. One of the possible reasons is that all the members have certain leadership qualities, so a leader may not have been needed.

3. Secret Number

Secret Number recently debuted, and make quite a shocking announcement when they revealed that they didn’t have a leader.

4. 2PM

When 2PM first debuted, Jay Park was the leader of the group.

Jay Park soon left the group after some controversial comments he made. After his departure, the group never appointed someone to replace him.

5. JYJ

The members of JYJ were originally members of TVXQ but decided to leave after some disputes with SM Entertainment. The trio never appointed an official leader after forming.


While it might be surprising, a majority of K-Pop duos have an official leader. AKMU is a little different, as they are biological siblings, and chose to not appoint anyone as the leader.

7. iKON

iKON’s original leader was B.I, but he withdrew from the group in 2019.

The group never appointed an official leader after his departure.

8. Wooseok X Kuanlin

This is another duo who decided that it would be best to not appoint an official leader.

9. Miss A

Miss A is now disbanded, but they were one of the first K-Pop groups to debut without an official leader. They chose to not have a leader due to their close bond with each other.