9 Ways To Look Stylish AF If You’re Shorter Than Others

These idols will help solve your fashion dilemmas.

If you have a smaller frame, you know it isn’t always easy to look your best. Sometimes you may look like you’re swamped in your clothes while other times you just end up looking even shorter than normal. While it may seem impossible at times to look stylish, it’s completely possible. There are numerous idols who know the pains of being short and have perfected their style game. Take a look at some of their best looks and get inspired!

1. TWICE’s Dahyun

Dahyun might be one of the shortest TWICE members, but she’s nailed her style. She tends to go for oversized pieces that highlight her petite frame. While larger pieces may seem like a no-no, they can actually work really well to lengthen the frame and add a little extra dose of cute. Just keep in mind not to overdo it on the layers as that can actually have the opposite effect.

2. IU

Korea’s sweetheart knows just what to wear to flatter her 5’4″ frame. While her semi-transparent shirt hits right at her hips to give a little bit of length, the real key to her outfit is her high-waisted shorts. The high-waistline can elongate the torso giving a little extra appearance of height.

3. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

In the same way high-waisted pants can elongate the torso, so too can crop tops! Girls’ Generation’s 5’2″ singing machine, has been no stranger to the crop top look and she always looks incredible in them. Crop tops also have the added bonus of being able to pair with almost anything. For example, take Taeyeon’s double-crop top layer paired with a pair of low rise jeans. While low-rise pants generally don’t help a shorter stature, paired with a crop top it works!

4. Lovelyz’s Baby Soul

While TWICE’s Dahyun tends to go for oversized pieces in general, Baby Soul likes to accessorize with long coats. The 5’2″ idol knows that a coat with some added length can also add the illusion of length to her body.

5. Weki Meki’s Yoojung

Yoojung is always a fashion maven and knows what pieces work best with her 5’3″ height. One of her best looks was this stage outfit with its slightly oversized jacket and fitted pants that give a lengthening effect to her legs.

6. Girls’ Generation’s Sunny

Another great look for petite frames is a cinched waist. Sunny’s 5’2″ frame may not be incredibly tall, but the addition of a bow at her waistline draws some attention to the center of her body. A cinched waistline acts in much the same way that a crop top does by elongating the torso. This dress also helped give her a little extra height by ending above the knees and creating a leg-lengthening effect.

7. Lee Hi

When in doubt, dress in black. Lee Hi is no stranger to this saying and makes it work for her 5’1″ body. Not only is black generally thought to give the wearer a skinnier appearance, it can also help out a petite frame as well. Lee Hi’s little black dress looks absolutely stunning and the little touch of lace gives it a girly vibe. Since black can be sexy, feminine, sophisticated, or edgy it’s hard to go wrong with this look.

8. AKMU’s Lee Suhyun

Suhyun knows what looks best on her 5’5″ body. This particular look was one of her best. The dress that ends above her knees gives her legs a little length and the pointed heels work to elongate her legs as well!

9. BoA

BoA has always had a killer fashion sense! While she may not be tall at 5’3″, she knows exactly what fits her body. This particular look is very flattering not only because it’s fitted perfectly for her, but the neckline is also very flattering for shorter frames. A V-neck is one of the best necklines for elongating the neck. BoA certainly pulls off the look with some major style!