9 Worst Wardrobe Malfunctions Of 2018 So Far

Sometimes performances don’t go according to plan.

1. Apink Naeun‘s jeans

During a live performance of “Kok Kok”, Naeun’s extra-tight jeans just couldn’t keep up with her passionate dance. Unfortunately, her jeans ripped right in the crotch area, but Naeun soldiered through the performance and was able to change outfits backstage. She’s a true professional!


2. EXO Suho‘s microphone

During “Ko Ko Bop”, Suho’s microphone tried to jump ship. Suho handled the problem as smoothly as possible by raising the dangling mic to his lips whenever he needed to sing. He didn’t let the mic hinder his dancing either!


3. BTS Jungkook‘s chains

Usually, the victim of a wardrobe malfunction is the person wearing the outfit, but that wasn’t the case during BTS’s Happy Ever After concert. Jimin got entangled in Jungkook’s chains. Luckily, came to the rescue!


4. CL‘s furry, green coat

CL arrived at the wedding of BIGBANG‘s Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin in style, but as she climbed the stairs to the wedding hall’s entrance she tripped over her glamorous, green coat! She laughed off the incident, and even posted this image on Instagram!

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5. Yura Min‘s costume

This South Korean Olympic skater’s low-cut, red top could barely keep up with her incredible skating. Throughout the performance, Yura Min’s top threatened to reveal too much to viewers but, unlike her costume, her concentration never slipped!


6. EXO Xiumin‘s pants

Suho isn’t the only EXO member with wardrobe problems! During the shooting for the “Horololo” music video, Xiumin’s pants completely tore! His powerful dancing was just too much for them.


7. Super Junior Leeteuk‘s pants

Attention, stylists: give the boys more spandex! Male idols must need more stretch in their pants since they suffer from rips far more often than their female counterparts. Leeteuk ripped his pants during Super Junior’s concert in Argentina…but he didn’t realize it until later!


8. Oh My Girl Hyojung‘s mic

During Oh My Girl’s performance on Music Bank, Hyojung’s mic refused to stay put. Hyojung handled the issue so well that it’s hardly even noticeable!


9. NCT‘s Renjun‘s shirt

During a performance of “Black on Black” Rejun’s silver strap detached itself from his pant loop. It was long enough to trip over, but Rejun prevented injuries to himself and his members by holding onto it. He even managed to reattached the strap while dancing around!