90 K-Pop Idols Choose The Top 5 Best Performances

Thanks to Weekly Idol, ninety idols picked the best 5 stages they’ve seen.

Every time an idol group or artist appears on an episode of Weekly Idol, they complete a list of questions before they start filming. One of those questions asks for the coolest performance they’ve seen recently.

Using all of the responses from ninety different K-Pop idols all the way back from August 2020, there were five artists that received the most votes. Here are the performances that even idols couldn’t resist falling for.

5. SSAK3 — 7 Votes

Although they may be fifth place in the ranking, the supergroup SSAK3, formed by Rain, Lee Hyori, and Yoo Jae Suk, make up for it with their energetic performance for their title track “Beach Again”.

Their stage was so entertaining that all the groups couldn’t help but join in on their dance during the encore.


4. ITZY — 8 Votes

The fourth and third place turned out to be a tie between two JYP Entertainment artists who both received eight votes.

The first was the company’s newest girl group ITZY. Their confidence with their title track “Not Shy” had many idols cheering them on.

3. Stray Kids — 8 Votes

The other JYP Entertainment group that made idols energized from their performances was ITZY’s seniors Stray Kids.

Not only did the boy group step outside of the box to create a song that only they could, but it was also well-received by other idols for how one-of-a-kind and unapologetic it was.

2. BTS — 9 Votes

Taking second place with nine votes was the boy group that many think of when it comes to K-Pop in 2020: BTS.

Their first-ever English track “Dynamite” has an irresistible disco sound that makes everyone want to jump to their feet and dance along.

1. BLACKPINK — 13 Votes

Snatching up the most votes with thirteen, BLACKPINK took first place for their catchy and charismatic track “How You Like That”.

From the cool choreography to the easy to follow lyrics, idols enjoy the song just as much as everyone else does. Who could blame them?

Source: theqoo