90s K-Pop Outfits That Prove Today’s Idols Are Lucky AF

First generation idols were fashion products of their time: the 1990s.

K-Pop idols are fashion icons whom fans can take style pointers from. They are also products of their time, and their fashion reflects this. Years from now, new K-Pop fans will look back to see what fashion was like in 2019, just like fans today look back on K-Pop’s earlier years. By today’s standards, 90s idols had some pretty, um, interesting looks, that will make you thankful for the stylists of 2019!


1. Shinhwa


2. H.O.T


3. Click B

4. Fin.K.L

5. Shinhwa


6. Diva


7. Deux


8. H.O.T


9. Sechskies


10. Shinhwa


11. Seo Taiji and Boys


12. Baby V.O.X


13. H.O.T


14. Seo Taiji and Boys


15. Sechskies


16. Chakra


17. Roo’ra


18. Sechskies