7 Of The Absolute Weirdest Asian Movies We Could Find… Yikes

#2 is a horrifyingly confusing cult classic.

Asian films can satisfy anyone with extensive romance, comedy, and horror… but what about the weird?  It’s not for everyone, but sometimes we just want to see something that will make us think we were dreaming, that we were suddenly put on a different planet. We want to finish that movie with our eyebrows nearly coming off our faces from confusion. 

These 7 movies will do just that.

Warning: A few of these are weird in a “bad” way, meaning it can be quite disturbing or scary for some as they can be violent among other things. Please look deeper into these movies before watching especially if you are underaged.

1. Collective Invention (Korea)

Park Goo (Lee Kwang Soo) mutates into a man-fish due to side effects from an experimental drug. He receives heavy publicity and quickly becomes a star. However, a conspiracy by a pharmaceutical company leads Park Goo to be possibly expelled from the world.

2. Funky Forest: The First Contact (Japan)

This movie is a collection of surreal, short, unrelated scenes revolving around Guitar Brother, his older sibling, and their American brother.

3. Citizen Dog (Thailand)

This film follows Pod’s (Mahasamut Boonyaruk‘s) life as he moves to Bangkok from the country. Pod’s new life starts with getting a job, losing a finger, and dreaming about a girl. This is a movie where nothing is impossible, and just because you get killed by raining red helmets doesn’t mean you have to stop driving a motorcycle taxi.

4. Alipato: The Very Brief Life of an Ember (Philippines)

A group of 10-year-old kids rob pedestrians and kill without mercy. However, after a failed bank robbery, the game comes to an end with twenty years of imprisonment. After jail, they are released but soon begin to disappear one by one.

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5. Executive Koala (Japan)

As a hardworking executive at a pickle company, Mr. Tamura stands out from other employees because he’s a six-foot koala bear. When his human girlfriend is found murdered, Tamura goes on the run and tries to solve the mystery with his closest friends, a giant rabbit, and frog.

6. The Boxer’s Omen (Hong Kong)

After suffering an injury in the ring, boxer Zhen Wei asks his brother, Zhen Xiong, to avenge him and find the key to an omen that may release their family from an ancient curse. Taoist monks, rampaging monsters, crocodile skeletons, flying human heads, and more lie in his way.

7. I’m a Cyborg, But That’s Okay (Korea)

Cha Young Goon (Im Soo Jung), who is mentally ill and frequently electro-charging herself with a transistor radio, has been admitted into a mental hospital. Firmly believing herself to be a cyborg, she refuses to eat like a human being. Park Il Soon (Rain) is another patient who is fascinated with Young Goon and soon becomes a close friend. Il Soon is now confronted with the biggest task—to have Young Goon eat real food.

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