14 Absurd But Accurate Ways To Describe BTS Without Using Their Names

Help your non-fan friends get to know more than just the members’ names.

Do you have a non-fan friend that you’re trying to convert into an ARMY? If that friend is struggling to learn BTS‘s names (Who is “Jungle Book” again?), here are 14 ways to help them get to know the members.

1. The genius who loses everything he hasn’t broken

2. The shy boy who loves to be the center of attention but also doesn’t

3. The one who is tired of living in the unfair society that he created

4. Mr. Chicken Noodle Soup With A Sprite On The Side

5. The one who can’t sit in a chair

6. The “Good Boy” who is definitely not

7. The one who will hug you then steal your coat

8. The one who can win a trophy, but not a handshake

9. The one who can never take a selfie by himself

10. The cuddler who does not want your hug

11. The scaredy cat who keeps losing his shoes

12. The one who is always there for spoilers

13. The soft boi who wants to be gangsta

14. The bunny who caused a laundry soap shortage