3 Actresses Who Look Amazingly Hot With Weight Off And Absolutely Adorable With Weight On

They basically look good 24/7!

Weight loss can make a huge difference in how someone looks in terms of image, which is why some actors take drastic diets right before certain roles. These three famous Hallyu actresses look hugely different with and without some weight on. Although they look gorgeous before and after, the image change is stunning.

1. Shin Min Ah

Shin Min Ah is well-loved for many of her drama works. In fact, one of her dramas, Oh My Venus! features a weight-loss and transformation theme as well.

Here’s Shin Min Ah when she lost huge amounts of weight to prepare for her role as an athlete in Diva. She looks smoking hot.

Way before that role, she gained a little bit of weight overall. She still looks absolutely adorable.

2. Park Jung Ah

As a member of the 1.5th generation of K-Pop idols, Park Jung Ah has always been in the limelight. She was famous for being the leader of girl group Jewelry. After marriage and pregnancy, she gained a natural bit of weight.

| @jjungah0224/Instagram

After stepping down from the stage, she entered the silver screen instead, debuting as an actress. This is how she looked before the pregnancy weight gain.

3. Jung Eun Chae

Jung Eun Chae is probably the most known for her role in The King. Her cold, chic beauty shone through.

However, with some weight gain and a different hair cut, she did a 180 with her image. She looks adorable now!

Weight can really change up an actor’s image! Needless to say, they’re all beautiful no matter how much they lose or gain.

Source: theqoo