6 Adorable Moments That Prove Red Velvet’s Joy And Crush Are The Cutest Couple

These two are such a cute couple!

Soloist Crush and Red Velvet‘s Joy recently announced that they’re dating, and fans are digging up the pair’s past cute interactions!

Crush (left) and Joy (right) | @urwends/Twitter

Here are 6 times Joy and Crush proved they’d make a totally adorable couple!

1. When Crush told Joy she’s his ideal type

While Crush and Joy were working on their song “Mayday,” Crush told Joy that she’s his ideal type!

| aesparagus/YouTube

Although the two weren’t dating then, Crush’s confession makes it clear he noticed how kind and gorgeous Joy is back then!

2. When Joy covered Crush’s song, “Alone”

Joy prepared a cover of “Alone” for an appearance on the talk show, Happy Together.


Joy’s soulful vocals perfectly captured the vibe of Crush’s original track, and her decision to cover this song proved she was a fan of her future boyfriend’s music back then. Looks like Crush and Joy are both each other’s number one fans!

3. When they jammed out on recorders together

Before singing “Mayday” together, Joy and Crush adorably played their recorders together.

| Revelmaximoff/YouTube

This moment indicates they’ll be able to be playful and have lots of fun together while dating!

4. When they were adorably nervous about meeting each other for the first time

Since Joy and Crush were both fans of each other before meeting, it’s totally understandable that they were nervous to meet each other in person for the first time.

| enJOYredvelvet/YouTube

Even though it was their first time meeting, Joy and Crush weren’t awkward around each other at all! Fans who’ve rewatched Joy and Crush’s first meeting after the dating news was released even feel as if the couple had chemistry way back then.

5. When Crush shouted “Joy” during a solo performance of “Mayday”

Crush must have missed his duet partner and future girlfriend while performing “Mayday” alone!

| enJOYredvelvet/YouTube

While Joy’s part of the song played, Crush shouted out her name and sang along with the recording of her voice.

6. When Joy playfully pinned Crush against the wall in the “Mayday” video

Joy pinning Crush against the wall looks like something straight out of a romantic K-Drama!

| Crush/YouTube

Although this moment is from their music video, it’s hard to fake the kind of chemistry Crush and Joy showed here!


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