7 Adorable Photos of ENHYPEN Wearing Each Other’s Pajamas

Heeseung and his teddy bear are SUCH a mood.

On the third episode of EN-O’CLOCK, ENGENEs were treated to a half-hour slumber party with ENHYPEN.

At the very beginning the boys played rock-paper-scissors to randomly decide who got what outfit, and the results were (unsurprisingly) adorable! Let’s take a look at what each member got to wear:

1. Jay in Hanbok (Originally Ni-ki’s)

Jay was assigned a traditionally-styled Hanbok set of pajamas! Only the best of the best can be worn by the fashion king of ENHYPEN.


2. Ni-ki in Checkered Print (Originally Sunghoon’s)

Ni-ki was given a light blue checkered outfit, amplifying his youthful aura!  ENHYPEN’s maknae pulled off this boyish look perfectly.


3. Jungwon in Teddy Bears (Originally Heeseung’s)

Jungwon had the privilege of wearing super fluffy teddy bear pajamas! These squishy cartoon bears are *almost* as charming as ENHYPEN’s leader.


4. Sunoo in Leopard Print (Originally his own!)

Sunoo was amazingly lucky and got his first choice of pajamas – leopard print! It was definitely a match made in heaven, and the colors even match his hair perfectly.


5. Sunghoon in Fleece (Originally Jungwon’s)

Sunghoon got the elegant fleece outfit, fitting his ice-prince vibe completely! The teeny-tiny reindeer stitching on the collar adds an extra pop of personality.


6. Heeseung in a Hotel Robe (Originally Jay’s)

Heeseung slipped into a super comfy looking bathrobe! Pristine and clean, just like you’d find at a hotel, and just as bright as his glowing smile.


7. Jake in Silk (Originally his own!)

Jake was offered a chic silk ensemble. The dark blue color looks extremely luxurious, exuding a kind but mature vibe!


Whose pajamas are your favorite?