10 Times aespa Made Hearts Stop With Their Gorgeous Visuals In Candid & Unedited Photos

Winter makes our jaws drop in #5.

Aespa is one of the top girl groups in K-Pop at present. Besides their undeniable talent, they also keep making headlines for their visuals. Each member looks drop dead gorgeous even in candid phone camera photos and videos.

Check out proof of this below.

1. Winter

First up, Winter is the definition of “lovely” while staring straight at the camera.

2. Karina

Even tree branches mostly covering Karina’s face cannot hide her beauty.

3. Ningning

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Ningning is glowing.

4. Giselle

Giselle looks even prettier up close!

5. Winter

Winter’s proportions are even more jaw-dropping in person.

6. Karina

Karina’s small face is obvious even in a picture taken from afar.

7. Ningning and Karina

Just a glimpse of Karina and Ningning is enough to be shaken by their visuals.

8. Giselle

Giselle’s skin is so flawless in real life, it’s enviable.

9. Winter

Whether she has long hair or short hair, Winter is a total beauty.

10. Aespa

Lastly, the entire group looked like the stars that they are in an airport video taken by a fan.