10+ Times aespa Were The Girlfriends Of Our Dreams In The Sweetest Instagram Photos

Girlfriend vibes alert!

Everyone in aespa is known for their visuals and personalities! It’s not a stretch to say that they’re the ideal types of thousands of fans and non-fans alike.

Fortunately for them, the girls often update their Instagram account with the sweetest photos. Check them out below!

1. Ningning

First up, date night with Ningning would be unforgettable.


2. Giselle

The same could be said for a video call with Giselle.


3. Karina

In this photo, it’s almost as if Karina was waiting for us by the stairs.


4. Winter

Our eyes would always be on Winter if we ate a meal together.


5. Ningning

A stroll in the park with Ninging would be the perfect way to start the day.

6. Karina

One with Karina would also be as memorable as can be.

7. Winter

Who wouldn’t want to have pizza with Winter?

8. Winter

We wouldn’t complain about having a meal outside either.

9. Giselle

Grocery shopping would be simple but sweet with Giselle.

10. Karina

A night out with Karina would be magical.

11. Ningning

Ningning is the type of girl who would be prettier than any view out there.

12. Giselle

Receiving a selfie from Giselle would complete anyone’s day.

13. Winter

And finally, our eyes would gravitate towards Winter non-stop.

When it comes to girlfriend vibes, aespa exudes them in spades!

Source: Instagram