8 Style Tips From aespa’s Giselle That Everyone Should Try Out To Improve Their Fashion Game

Look like a K-Pop star in #7!

Whether you’re looking for fashion tips or not, aespa’s Giselle has several words of wisdom for everyone! In a solo video called “SYNK Time With Giselle,” she discussed her fashion preferences and dressed up in her favorite outfit for the day. 

Giselle | @aespa_official/Instagram

Check out some of her best style tips below!

1. Skirts

First up, when it comes to skirts, try out the A-line fit. It tends to look even more fashionable if it’s a denim skirt.

I love denim skirts but I tend to be picky about the fit. I always go for A-line skirts.

— Giselle

2. Jeans

Though skinny jeans are all the rage, wearing a looser cut also looks great. Giselle’s preference is wide legged pants that have a “vintage vibe.”

3. Black

No matter what anyone says, black will always be cool and trendy! MYs know that “black is [Giselle’s] favorite color” and this translates directly to the clothes that she wears.

I tend to wear these a lot. Honestly, I wear everything that’s black.

— Giselle

4. Classic Colors

Besides black, Giselle also recommends outfits in “bland” colors such as army green, camel, burgundy, and navy.

5. Dress Down

Don’t be afraid to dress down when going out! Giselle’s favorite articles of clothing are not flashy stage outfits or trendy shirts, but simple tracksuits.

| aespa/YouTube

Whenever I go shopping, I always buy tracksuits. I like buying the same top and bottom. If I find one, I have to buy it.

— Giselle

6. Evening Dresses

If you do have to go to a party, however, then try out Giselle’s best-loved fabrics: silk and lace.

| aespa/YouTube

7. K-Pop Style

Want to dress like a K-Pop idol? As a member of aespa, Giselle goes to practice sessions all the time, and she often wears tracksuits that are comfortable and cute.

She also dresses in a long-sleeved Aries t-shirt that wouldn’t be amiss in a dance practice video.

| aespa/YouTube

8. Her Philosophy

And finally, if Giselle could summarize her fashion philosophy into a sentence, it would be, “Simple is best.” After all, one’s natural beauty stands out in classic clothes. Adding a few point pieces makes the whole look even more cohesive.

It’s nice to have a little decoration. You could hold a fancy bag. It could be jewelry, a hairpin, or anything…I think it’s nice to have just one.

— Giselle

When it comes to fashion, Giselle knows what she’s talking about!

Source: YouTube