10 Times aespa’s Karina Was Basically The Girlfriend Of Our Dreams In Heart-Stopping Instagram Posts

She’s especially stunning in #5.

When it comes to girlfriend-like photos and videos, aespa‘s Karina has a plethora of them online. MYs are often treated to homey, cute, and sweet posts of hers that are top tier fanservice.

Check out some of her best Instagram posts below.

1. Daily Update

First up, the details are what count in her daily update.


2. Night Date

A night date with Karina? We can dream.

Aespa’s Karina

3. Prettier Than Flowers

She’s always blooming.

4. A Selfie Master

Each selfie is a gift indeed.

5. Sunset Beauty

We could look at her all day.

6. Naturally Beautiful

She’s as fresh as can be!

7. Mall Outings

All eyes are on her wherever she goes.

8. Music Sessions

We fall for her even more when she’s doing music.

9. Photographer

We’d be honored if she took our photo.

10. Dinner Time

Finally, eating dinner with Karina would be a dream come true.

One thing’s for sure, she’s always a beauty to behold!

Source: Instagram