Here’s How To Take The Perfect Selfie In 3 Steps, According To aespa’s Karina

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Ever wanted to improve your selfie game? Aespa‘s Karina has been a queen of self-taken photos since the start, and lucky for us, she shared three basic but helpful tips to take the perfect selfie every single time.

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Check them out below!

1. Step 1: Lighting

The first step is self-explanatory. According to Karina, we must “choose a place with good lighting.”

It’s a key factor in photography that can alter the mood and effect of the photos taken. For instance, there’s a difference between photos taken under more yellow-toned lighting…

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…and those taken inside a room with white light. Both of them, however, need a strong light source to ensure they turn out as pretty as can be.

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2. Step 2: Angles

Next up, it’s important that the angle of the photo is carefully chosen. Karina was firm that there’s no set standard in this rule since “each of [us] will have [our] own pretty angle.”

Some people look prettier on the right, others look prettier on the left. Some look prettier on the front. Normally I prefer my left or front face.

— Karina

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A tip from her is to not show too much of our jawline. A natural tilt of the head is enough to make the photo look perfect.

The key point is to turn only slightly, only slightly to the front. You can take it from below, you can bring it up high or bring it to the middle.

— Karina

3. Step 3: Confidence

Finally, the most important step is to believe in oneself. How we feel inside translates to how we look on the outside, so we should be confident in our own beauty!

You have to have confidence. However you look, you must not look embarrassed.

— Karina

When Winter admitted to sometimes feeling embarrassed “when [she] sees the end product” of the selfies, Karina reassured her that she can overcome her fears.

Taking many pictures will take care of that problem. You need to become more used to looking at your face.

— Karina

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We’re definitely learning from the best of the best!

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