6 Incredible Aespa Lightstick Designs That Need To Become A Reality

Could you imagine yourself waving these at an aespa concert?

As in-person concerts start to make a return around the world, it’s time for SM Entertainment to start thinking about a design for aespa‘s first lightstick. If the company is stuck for ideas, these six stunning fanmade concepts could definitely give them a little inspiration.


South Korean designers Junsik Im and Yongjin Yoo came up with this truly incredible design they call the AE-BEAM.

| Junsik Im and Yongjin Yoo/Behance

According to the creators, the lightstick was designed with a gradually-spreading light (which would alternate between the members’ representative colors) to represent the connection between “ae” and MY, the group’s fandom.

| Junsik Im and Yongjin Yoo/Behance

The top of the lightstick is embossed with aespa’s iconic “ae” logo, while the bottom features the MY fandom logo.

| Junsik Im and Yongjin Yoo/Behance

The design duo even came up with a packaging idea that would be worthy of display in any MY’s collection.

| Junsik Im and Yongjin Yoo/Behance

2. REKALL Bong

Designed by @00sgigi on Twitter, the REKALL Bong has a particularly unique design feature: its reversibility.

| @00sgigi/Twitter

Aespa’s “ae” logo is designed to look the same whether it’s turned up or down, and this design takes advantage of that. With handles on both sides, this lightstick could be held either way and still look just as great.

| @00sgigi/Twitter

3. Long Bong

With long lightsticks, like Dreamcatcher‘s and LOONA‘s, rising in popularity recently, @eiratrice on Twitter came up with a similar design for aespa. Shaped like a sword, this saber-like lightstick design features a long beam with galaxy lighting.

| @eiratrice/Twitter

4. Snow Globe Bong

Remember aespa’s adorable snow globe from “Forever?” Here’s what it would look like as a lightstick, as designed by @yizhae on Twitter.

| @yizhae/Twitter

5. Mamba Bong

Twitter user @chicknjoycee has designed a few different aespa lightstick options, but one of the coolest has to be this variation.

| @chicknjoycee/Twitter

Based on the group’s debut song, “Black Mamba,” the design features a black snake wrapped around the light and handle.

| @chicknjoycee/Twitter

6. Ae Bong

Aespa once mentioned that their official color is “aurora”—a combination of multiple colors similar to the aurora borealis (“Northern Lights”) phenomenon. Few designs capture that better than this holographic lightstick concept from @seputar.aespa on Twitter.

| @seputar.aespa/Instagram

With five different cycling color variations, this lightstick looks like something straight out of Kwangya.

| @seputar.aespa/Instagram



Source: Behance