These 10+ Fan-Taken Coachella Photos Show Just How Gorgeous aespa Looks Like In Real Life

Ningning slays in #4.

Fans can all agree that aespa always serves top-tier visuals! When they hit the Coachella stage on Weekend 2, all eyes were on them.

If you ever wanted to know how they look like in person, check out their fan-taken photos below!

1. aespa

First up, MYs who stood in the front rows were blessed by aespa’s visuals.

aespa | @itsgiselle_btch/Twitter

2. Winter

Winter’s beauty is even more pronounced up close.


3. Giselle

One word can describe Giselle: stunning.


4. Ningning

Ningning’s skin looks flawless in person.


5. Karina

There’s a reason why Karina is nicknamed “Human AI.”


6. Winter

It’s not an exaggeration to say Winter looks like a doll.

7. Giselle

Giselle is even cuter in person.

| @GISELLEL00KS/Twitter

| @GISELLEL00KS/Twitter

8. Ningning

Ningning’s charisma pops out from photos alone.

9. Karina

Karina looks flawless both online and in person.

| @karinabearz/Twitter 

10. Karina and Ningning

All eyes were on them.

| @mylisakyu/Twitter

11. aespa

Aespa’s visuals are too much for our hearts!

| @kevnndotexe/Twitter

12. aespa

Lastly, all fans can agree that they slayed at Coachella.

| @Pinkmojito1122/Twitter