These 15 Pieces Of Incredible Aespa Fanart Will Have You Even More Hyped For Their “GIRLS” Comeback

Their fans are so talented!

As most K-Pop fans should know, aespa is planning to release their second EP, GIRLS, on July 8! Leading up to this comeback, and after coming out with the pre-debut tracks “Illusion” and “Life’s Too Short”, fans of the girl group have been creating some incredible fanart of the aespa members. Here are 15 pieces of these amazing works of art that have been shared on social media!

1. This dreamy painting of Winter fits her aesthetic so well.

2. This beautiful artwork of Karina looks almost like a photograph!

3. We could totally see this design being used as official aespa fanart.

4. This piece of Winter is just too adorable!

5. This pop-art style painting of the girls is so cute!

6. The slightly abstract style of this painting gives it so much character.

7. NingNing looks like an anime character in this piece!

8. And she looks so realistic in this one.

9. The colors in Winter’s hair in this artwork are so pretty!

10. Another painting of Karina that looks almost too real!

11. The highly contrasting colors in this piece of art make it really stand out.

12. Giselle definitely looks like another anime girl in this piece!

13. This amazing painting of Winter looks like it could have come straight out of a comic.

14. Winter definitely seems to have the most fanart made of her overall, and this is another great one!

15. We love the butterflies in this piece that look incredible with NingNing!